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Universal Unreachable Dust Cleaner

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✔️ A wide variety of uses!

✔️ Can be used to remove residual lint and dust commonly found in washing & drying machines making machines run more efficiently and like they're new again!

✔️ Can increase drying times up to 15 minutes with regular use!

✔️ Cleans thoroughly and gets where regular vacuum cleaners can not reach!

✔️ Contributing to a good dryer maintenance schedule

✔️ Flexible Designed hose to reach the unreachable!

✔️ A hose long enough to reach down into the insides of the washing machine where it is difficult to clean and where ordinary vacuum attachments simply can't reach because of their size and shapes.

✔️ Universal vacuum hose: can easily connect to most vacuum cleaners so no matter what vaccum you have, rest assured this will work.

✔️ Suitable for venting washing machines or dryers as well as venting external vents outside your home. Vents become clogged with dust and dirt, this makes them unable to carry out the job their was designed to do: which is vent.

✔️ Vacuuming out your vents helps to prevent fires, a large amount of fluff from your clothes is accumulated inside the washing machine and dryer during normal use, this needs to be cleaned regularly, otherwise, a large amount of fluff blocked in the vent may cause a fire as it is flammable and washing machines & dryers get hot under operation

Clogged vents can also result in an under performing washing or drying machine but can also be the reason your house smells, or the reason you keep sneezing therefore keeping vents clean is important.

✔️ Multi-use: the areas under and beside your car seats are notoriously difficult to clean. Our attachment is the perfect size to be able to reach this previously inaccessible area! Try it out for yourself!

✔️ Expanding on the previous point: a convenient vacuum attachment measuring in at over 3.5 feet in length that can reach deep into difficult locations; ideal for cleaning equipment that you can't move such as radiators, fridges, freezers, bookshelf etc.

✔️ Perfect for vacuuming dust off shelves! - have you ever tried to vacuum a occupied dusty shelf & vacuumed up your belongings? if so then you know the pain of trying to find them in the vacuum bag! Prevent this, our hose can target a concentrated area saving you the pains of looking in the vacuum bag! 

Customer Reviews

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Nico Kertzmann

Universal Unreachable Dust Cleaner

Chauncey Tremblay

Universal Unreachable Dust Cleaner

Coy Schuster

Universal Unreachable Dust Cleaner

Tevin Kessler

Universal Unreachable Dust Cleaner

Pansy Hagenes

Works good with my Dyson



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