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MewooFun - Washable Cat Window Perch

$75.00 $85.00
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Cat Window/Chair/Desk Perch

✔ Easily Washable

✔ Multi-Ply Plywood Design - For Extra Strength!

✔ Available in 4 Colours!





✔ Wooden Assembly - Easy Installation - No Drilling Required!

✔ Cotton Canvas

✔ Hanging Bed


✔ High Quality & Well Engineered Design

✔ Designed to provide a stable place for you cat to chill

✔ Integrated Wall Protection

✔ Engineered to provide the perfect angle for your cat

Customer Reviews

Based on 500 reviews
Lewis Schofield
Happy Cat & Happy Owner

I ordered this perch as my cat loves to sit on the window sill and stare out the window, Especially if it sunny, I have witnessed my cat falling off the window sill as he was dosing off in the sun so I purchased this in the hope that he'd use it and love it.

It arrived relatively fast and was very well packaged, it came in a cardboard box and was very easy to assemble with all the screws and washers included.

It fits snuggly on my window sill and the cat loves it! Its a stable design.

The only negative thing I have to say is that it is rather expensive .. but then again I struggled to find this anywhere else and so I didn't mind paying extra for a unique design.

Glen Roberts
Good Quality & Easy to install

My cats love sitting and staring out the window, I bought one for the window sill and one for my work desk so they don't interfere with me.

I am not a hands-on man by any means, I've never really held any tools and I was able to follow the instructions and assemble the perch without any major issues so that really says it all!

Kenny Carter
Unique design

My first impression on this was that it was overpriced but after trying to search for another one to buy that would hopefully be cheaper I realised that this must be a unique design because I can't find it anywhere.

I've ordered mine and it arrived within 14 days which I think is acceptable considering the size of the package.

It is a really high quality product and is washing machine safe which are pros, the only negative again for me was the price but thats understandable considering its uniqueness .. now that I have it, I think its worth the money 100%

Rosalia Crona
Cat Favourite

Thank you!

I've ordered from this company before and they are always very easy to deal with and have quick communication with any enquiries I might have, they really make me feel valued!

This is an excellent product in my opinion and I for one know that quality comes for a price so don't mind paying more for a product that's going to last longer compared to a cheaper option.

My cat must be glad I bought it anyway, she enjoyed playing with the box whilst I assembled it and then didn't hesitate to jump on the window sill to try it out, don't know if she did that wanting attention from me buts thats what I wanted her to do!

Anna Marie
High quality & Well Engineered

I am really glad I bought this for Tuxedo, he loves sitting and observing so this works perfectly! He gets stuck on top of the wardrobe less now and prefers to use his perch to observe the room.

I was sceptical about whether this would damage my wallpaper but it has padding on the legs that rest up against the wall for stability. they seem to work and I have 0 damage to report so I am a happy women



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